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Work can sure be a drag. Especially as a paper-pushing office worker.

Your daily commute in the company elevator can be boring. Unless you strike up conversations with your fellow passengers.

Will you spice up your life and converse with your fellow passengers and co-workers, or will you just go on with your day-to-day life?

Make your choices throughout the workweek and see the outcome in four different endings.


**Made for Ludum Dare 37 - One Room **
Created by:
Splintz and DariusX2


This is the very first game my friend and I have created together as a team and also the first for this Jam.
The game was created as a visual novel using the RenPy engine, and engine that we have absolutely no experience working with. So it was a challenge not only to create a game in a weekend, but to also use that short amount of time to learn the engine and its language and workflow.

It is extremely short and due to time constraints a lot of intended dialogue and mechanics were unfortunately cut short. A lot of dialogue near the weekend were ad-libbed and rushed so it gets a bit wonky around that time. Not that the dialogue in-game is all that great to begin with but I would just like to point out that fact.

So anyway, please enjoy this very short story.

Install instructions

Simply unzip the included file to a location of your choice and run TheElevator.exe.


TheElevator-1.0-all.zip 40 MB

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